Pattern Sets

Available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad on iTunes 

Recognizing the number of items in a pattern is an important early number sense skill. Practice with patterns in “dice” format and others. Patterns in 10-Frames are also included as an option. You can set the length of the display from .1 to 2.5 seconds.

Thinking of a Number

Your job is to guess the secret number between 1 and 20. Let the iPod, iPad, or iPhone make the secret number or let a friend make the secret number. Select numbers by pressing the number tile in the grid. Feedback about the the guess is provided and the number tiles that aren't needed disappear.

What’s Hiding?

Practice basic addition and subtraction concepts. Discs are counted, then covered, and some slide out from under the cover. Your job is to tell how many are still hidden under the cover. Work with numbers 1-5 or 1-10. Discs are displayed in a 5-frame or 10-frame format.disappear.

The software noted below was developed as part of the Number Sense project with Education Department faculty at Augustana College and faculty at Longfellow Elementary School it Rock Island, IL. The project began with a focus on Kindergarten and has now expanded to include 1st grade.  The link below will take you to another website with more details about the program and partnership.

NumberSense Program

Available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad on iTunes 

Available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad on iTunes